Oops! I’m Biased: Pride Month

Why it should not be an annual employer branding boost with Fleur and Charlotte Melkert

In this episode, Charlotte is joined by her twin sister and co-founder, Fleur, in honour of Pride Month. On the one hand, Pride Month is an important occasion, since it puts the celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community and highlights the still-ongoing discrimination. On the other hand, the need for it raises questions. 

Why do we still have to raise awareness around queer inclusion and stand up against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, identity and gender?

Fleur herself is part of the community. She is gay and is also very open about it, so Charlotte figured she would be the perfect guest for this episode. The two of them cover how Equalture celebrated Pride Month last year and why that lead to a lasting change in the company. They also share their approach to LGBTQIA+ inclusion in their company and what advice they have for other companies. 

(Spoiler Alert: changing the logo for one month is not it!)

A spot of history: The origins of Pride Month are rooted in the Stonewall Riots; a spontaneous series of protests by members of the gay community in response to police raids of Stonewall Inn in New York in on June 28th, 1969. Experts consider the Stonewall Riots as the onset of the fight for LGBT rights in the US.

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