Oops! I’m Biased: Stereotyping Bias

mari jarvinen featuring on the equalture podcast talking about stereotyping bias

Stereotyping bias is one of the first and arguably one of the most prevalent biases that are triggered in recruitment. Our brains are wired in such a way that they want to assign new input and information based to an existing category. But what exactly is stereotyping bias and how does it affect hiring decisions?

Charlotte Melkert (CEO of Equalture and Podcast host) and Mari Jarvinen (Organisational Psychologist and Start-Up/Scale Up Coach) talk about explore stereotyping in general and why it is prominent, what a stereotype is, whether stereotyping bias happens consciously or unconsciously, how it can affect hiring, what parts of the hiring funnel are most sensitive to stereotyping bias including writing job descriptions, CVs and interviews, common examples, what kind of information triggers stereotyping bias most, its link to first impressions, its connection to confirmation bias and how we can minimize stereotyping bias in hiring.

A bit about

Mari Järvinen

Mari Jarvinen is an organisational psychologist. She is the founder of Profounder, her consultancy agency that helps start-ups and scale-ups with change management, leadership and HR challenges.

charlotte melkert

A bit about

Charlotte Melkert

With years of experience in the field of recruitment, both by starting a recruitment agency as well as being the Co-Founder & CEO of the hiring software company Equalture and her dedication to ensuring equal opportunities in hiring, Charlotte’s knowledge about the importance of neurodiversity within the workplace is thorough.

Her first years of being an entrepreneur have led her to several public speaking activities and nominations, including the top 8 most talented female entrepreneurs of The Netherlands, Forbes 30 Under 30, Top 30 Most Inclusive Leaders NL, LOEY Talent Award, Sprout 25 under 25 and Sifted’s top 14 European Gen Z Founders.

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