Treat every candidate like a perfect 10: Unbiased recruitment at Miro with Zanina Katira

In this episode, Zanina Katira, Senior Recruiter at Miro, joins us to talk about unbiased recruitment.
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More touchpoints, less bias: How Miro’s hands-on recruiters and transparent recruitment marketing supported their high growth period.

In this episode, Zanina Katira, Senior Recruiter at Miro, joins us to talk about unbiased recruitment. Zanina joined Miro before their high growth period and has seen many iterations of the recruitment process. Iteration is one of Miro’s core values and part of the recipe for success. What is Miro’s approach to unbiased recruitment? Why is candidate experience and recruitment marketing instrumental in making recruitment more inclusive and unbiased? And can recruitment be unbiased in periods of rapid growth? What is Zanina’s biggest learning and what tips can she share to start with unbiased recruitment tomorrow? In this episode, she answers all those questions.

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A bit about Zanina Katira

Zanina Katira has 10 years of experience in recruitment, having worked from small start-ups to large corporations, in-house and at recruitment agencies.

Her goal is to provide the employees with a working environment where they can unleash their talents, be creative, share and receive knowledge, have fun and most importantly, reach their own personal goals within a company that appreciates and rewards them for their effort.

She is an empathetic professional with entrepreneurial and growth mindset, business acumen, and strategic thinking.

For the past four years she has been working at Miro as a Senior Recruiter and has a strong interest in the Unconscious bias and how it can be best eliminated during the hiring process.

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