Attract, Engage, Assess Talent

Leveraging Key Trends in the Changing Recruitment Landscape in 2024
Webinar recording announcement: attract, engage, assess talent with matthias schmeisser.

In this panel discussion, Charlotte Melkert (CEO at Equalture) talks to Matthias Schmeisser,  Global Senior Director, Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding at emnify about how to leverage key trends in the midst of demographic shift and digital transformation shaping the recruitment landscape in 2024, emphasising the importance of

  • Candidate Experience: Attracting and Engaging Top Talent

  • Skill-based Hiring: Data-driven recruitment and assessment of candidates.

Main takeaways

  1. Attracting the right candidates, employer branding and data-driven recruitment are among the top challenges for 2024, as the labour market outlook by CIPD. As the recruitment landscape continues to evolve it is time for organizations to leverage key trends in order to attract and assess top talent. 
  2. Candidate experience and skill based hiring are intricately linked: If a recruitment process is perceived as fair by providing the candidate with a clear understanding of why an assessment is in place at the top of the funnel, candidate experience increases.
  3. In order to leverage both trends, recruitment teams are required to shift their mindset towards making the recruitment process a learning opportunity for candidates and recruiters alike. 


How to get started? Master your basics! By placing importance on the job intake meetings, learning from hiring managers about their top performers, skill gaps in the team and requirements, you set the foundation for both a great candidate experience and skill-based hiring matrices.


About Matthias Schmeisser

Matthias is currently the Global Senior Director, Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding at emnify. As award-winning TA Leader of the Year in 2023 in EMEA for small markets, named as Talent 100 Finalists of TA Leaders globally, and recently nominated to be one of LinkedIn’s Top Voice Influencers, Matthias is a real industry expert in Talent Acquisition. With over 13 years of experience in Talent Acquisition in different businesses from corporate companies like Zalando, and Scout24 to smaller scale-ups like Beamery and Visual Meta, his focus areas are maturing hiring cultures, managing the transition to skill-based hiring, building a strong employer brand, data-driven TA and moving from reactive recruitment to proactive and strategic Talent Advisory. Matthias is also the Co-Founder of TA Crunch Berlin community that builds connections and fosters inclusion among TA professionals in Berlin.

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