The Future of Recruitment in 2024: Bridging the Talent Gap with DE&I

Webinar recording the future of recruitment with kobi ampoma

Economic uncertainty, fierce competition for top candidates and skills shortages are among the top challenges for 2023, as a report by McKinsey highlights. Which recruitment trends promise to tackle the challenges of the Talent Acquisition landscape?

In this webinar, Kobi Ampoma, Head of Talent Acquisition Netherlands at Heineken joins Charlotte Melkert, Co-founder and CEO at Equalture to discuss recruitment trends for 2024 and the role of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. They share best practices and strategies for leveraging DE&I to face the challenges ahead.

Main takeaways

  • The key challenges in recruitment for 2024 are the digital transformation and the talent shortage, which bring about the increasing urgency around implementing inclusive hiring. 
  • Inclusion in recruitment as the trend to watch in 2024 sees many professionals in need for an implementation of inclusive hiring practices.
  • Kobi Ampoma’s best practices
    • Widen the talent pool by connecting to communities of underrepresented talent
    • Internal mobility and talent development as a lever to close talent and skill gaps within the organisation
    • Challenging hiring managers to ease up on hard requirements by introducing a wild card
    • Heineken’s Inclusive Hiring Guide


Watch the full webinar to learn about best practices and actionable tips to start implementing inclusive hiring today.

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