Learning Ability: The Skill for Tomorrow’s Labour Market

In this webinar, Charlotte Melkert (CEO of Equalture) talks to head of Science at Equalture, Leonie Grandpierre about learning ability and why it is so important for tomorrow’s labour market.

Main Takeaways

  • Why cognitive ability (learning ability) is more predictive of work performance
  • What learning ability is
  • What working memory is and how it connects to learning ability
  • How can learning ability be assessed in individuals

To Summarise

In a report published by the World Economic Forum, they estimate that 85 million existing jobs will be replaced in the next 3 years by new jobs. Therefore, conventional education and work experience will become increasingly less important compared to cognitive ability regarding job requirements. Research has also shown that cognitive ability is much more predictive of job performance than education or work experience.

Learning ability is one type of cognitive ability. It describes how well and efficiently we can retain new information, connect it to already known information and make use of it. Working memory is the underlying process thereof. It functions as an extension of our short term memory and describes how well we work with information that we just learned.

How can learning ability be assessed and how does it exactly work? 

Leonie Grandpierre, Head of Science at Equalture, and Charlotte Melkert, CEO of Equalture cover the science of learning ability and the importance of assessing this cognitive ability in depth in this webinar.

leonie grandpierre

A bit about

Leonie Grandpierre

Leonie Grandpierre is a cognitive neuroscientist and Head of Science at Equalture. Together with her team, she ensures the quality and scientific accuracy of Equalture’s assessments.

A bit about

Charlotte Melkert

With years of experience in the field of recruitment, both by starting a recruitment agency as well as being the Co-Founder & CEO of the hiring software company Equalture and her dedication to ensuring equal opportunities in hiring is truly admirable.

Her first years of being an entrepreneur have led her to several public speaking activities and nominations, including the top 8 most talented female entrepreneurs of The Netherlands, Forbes 30 Under 30, Top 30 Most Inclusive Leaders NL, LOEY Talent Award, Sprout 25 under 25 and Sifted’s top 14 European Gen Z Founders.

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